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Regular reviews of the early, overlooked days of Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, arguably the most violently misunderstood comic book character since Popeye.  Commentary on Frank’s weapons, tactics,  lovelife, and philosophical contributions in 5 issue alternating blocks of Punisher and Punisher War Journal.

Regular Review Columns:
El Calavera – An exploration of the many faces of the skull
OPFoR – Who’s he fighting this round?
Medal of Survival Recipients – Characters who lasted more than one story arc (a select group).
Modus Locomotus – It is better to travel well than to arrive
Weapons Tech – Guns you can find in Jane’s
Dumbass Weapons Tech – Guns you can’t find in Jane’s
Bowed but Unbroken – Obligatory Frank capture
The Ladies – Yes they are
Aliaseses – Dress up Frank
Postcards from the Edge – Letter column all-stars
The Fall Guy – Greatest Stunts
Notes n’ Quotes – Quotes, ads, and random junk


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